Life Coaching

Through a series of challenging and often fun conversations for change, Life Coaching offers an exciting and practical approach to generating new perspectives and possibilities that stimulates our natural inclination for personal growth. When we see things in a new light very often our own imagination and ingenuity takes over to develop new directions that previously seemed invisible or unattainable.


Find a New Way to Walk your Path with Life Coaching

Life Coaching is mainly forward thinking and, while we respect past experiences, we are less concerned with causes and diagnoses. We are therefore focused on finding practical tools and techniques to deal directly with the challenges and goals of the day.

With an emphasis on gaining control over your own life so that you can come up with new solutions, approaches and attitudes appropriate to your unique set of personal challenges; my Life Coaching approach takes a holistic view of the whole person and life context and is therefore uniquely matched to individual needs and priorities.

The aim is to find a process that includes tools and techniques that fit for you. These may range from self-reflection, through goal setting and planning, to learning new interpersonal skills or self-management techniques.

Based on the idea that one acts oneself into a new attitude and a new life style; my life coaching process features small homework tasks and research. After all, if you have a challenge or goal, it makes sense to understand it first before you decide on a course of action. Information and skillful action are immensely powerful tools that can be very effectively utilised to work oneself out of a problem (or a dull place) into a new away of being.

But be warned, life coaching is rarely about getting back to where you started or making things like they used to be. The past is over, and there is no point in going in reverse! The whole idea is to find a new direction, a new set of perspectives and a new set of skills to manage life’s challenges (all the while honoring our past with its lessons, joys and scars)

How does it work?

As one may expect, the first session consists mainly of telling your story and gaining perspectives on coaching priorities. The content from this session are used to start working immediately and you will leave with some valuable insights from this very first session.

The average coaching period runs over 6 to 12 sessions. Your coaching programme can be as short as two sessions or as long a 12, depending on the goals and challenges you are working on. For getting the best value out of Life Coaching it is best to set appointments at regular intervals – this enable us to maintain a beneficial momentum.

Life Coaching is mainly an invitation for you to engage actively with your own way of being – it is not a one-way process where another person does something (magical) to you, it is much more an exploration and development of your own set of tools and techniques that fit your particular strengths and special requirements.

What Issues Are Covered in Life Coaching?

The overall objective of my Life Coaching programme is Self-mastery, which covers all areas of inner experience: Thinking, Feeling, Doing and Interacting.

In the more than ten years of being a Life Coach I have worked with a very diverse set of people and personal circumstances. Often it has to do with life transitions and challenges such as a matriculant facing the stress of exams and a new life after school; a recently divorced woman having to create a brand new life and career, an executive facing relationship problems at home, a recovering addict, a young man trying to figure out how to build a lasting a loving relationship, a lady battling with stress and anxiety after a bereavement; a young entrepreneur working out personal and business balance; and many more. One thing these inspiring people all had in common was the courage to confront their life challenges and being open to new perspectives and possibilities.

The areas covered in my Life Coaching approach can broadly be summarised in this model:

Coaching model

Coaching model

This diagram shows how our inner dynamic of thinking, feeling and doing, interacts with the world we function in. Our thinking habits and processes create our perceptions which impact our emotions, and these in turn create the motivation for action. Our actions of course impact ourselves in the sense that we are continually observing ourselves and building our self-perception on these observations; and in addition the impact we have on our world comes back as feedback which also feeds into our self-image. During the Life Coaching process, you are afforded the opportunity to select the areas you wish to develop and grow, or simply explore, making every Life Coaching process a uniquely personal adventure.

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